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Unofficial Start to Summer in Ogunquit at The Patriots Day Parade

If you’re going by the astronomical or meteorological books, summer’s still a little ways off. Here in Ogunquit, though, the unofficial kickoff to the season is right around the corner: Patriot’s Day!

The holiday—which this year falls April 21 through April 23—makes easily one of the most exciting weekends to be in Ogunquit, as its celebration takes over town and summons up a lot of proud New England flavor. Come stay with us at the Admiral’s Inn and enjoy our seaside village’s 27th Patriot’s Day weekend celebration!

Patriot’s Day

Maine and Massachusetts celebrate Patriot’s Day as an official holiday on the third Monday of every April; the world-famous Boston Marathon helps mark the occasion. The date technically being honored, though, is April 19. That’s when, back in 1775, the momentous first shots of the American Revolutionary War took place during the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Ogunquit’s Celebration

Here in Ogunquit, we celebrate Patriot’s Day with a whole lot of gusto. There are all sorts of different events held across the town, and there’s something to appeal to all ages.

One of the highlights is the Fife and Drum Parade on Friday the 21st, which starts at Sea Chambers at 7:10 PM and marches its way to the Ogunquit Baptist Church for the 7:30 PM Fife and Drum concert. The sounds, needless to say, are sure to evoke some Revolutionary spirit—all the more so, given the parade and concert follow hot on the heels of a reenactment of George Washington crossing the Delaware River (which begins at 6:50).

Washington’s Delaware traverse is only one of several historical reenactments spicing up Ogunquit’s Patriot’s Day festivities: You can also see brought to life the Boston Tea Party (in Perkins Cove, 6:30 PM on Saturday, April 22) and the Iwo Jima flag-raising (in front of the Beachmere Inn along the Marginal Way, 11 AM on Sunday, April 23).

You also really won’t want to miss the Patriotic Pooch Pageant and Fashion Show (the parking lot at Liquid Dreams, 12:30 PM on Sunday): Watch dogs of all shapes and sizes strut their stuff in American flag-inspired outfits or costumes of some legends of American history. Now just try to resist that.

We’ve barely gestured at the breadth of Patriot’s Day weekend proceedings: Check out the Ogunquit Chamber’s website for the full rundown of activities, which also include treasure hunts, bazaars, and movie screenings.

Join Us for Ogunquit’s Patriot’s Day Weekend Celebration

There’s nothing like a Patriot’s Day stay at the Admiral’s Inn, which gives you front-row seats to one of Ogunquit’s liveliest parties. Let’s celebrate spring—and welcome summer—together on the shores of Southern Maine!

View of The Admiral's Inn from a distance on the beach in Ogunquit

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